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The Tube Riders: The Rise of the Governor #1: Genesis

Chris Ward

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The new dystopian thriller from Chris Ward: a prequel to the bestselling Tube Riders series.

In 2075, Maxim Cale is a semi-mythical figure, the rarely seen Governor of a transformed Britain. In the countryside, a regressed agri-society fuels the country, while within the walled cities, chaos and disorder reign as people battle daily for their lives.

From the wealthy landowners of the farming states to the street kids fighting for survival, however, one thing is shared: a terror of their longtime leader. His will is iron, his powers legendary, his punishment merciless.

But 140 years before, he was an innocent little boy playing in the Algerian sand.

Taken from his family, in the freezing hell of Siberia he became a monster.

And the world would never be the same.

This is his story.

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