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Ultima Skylar

Omayra Vélez

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Ultima Skylar was a woman of the night, but she lived a life of opulence as an exotic prostitute. That was until she witnessed the Prince Marcos assassination. The King of Tsestelago was dying. Ultima became a suspect; after all, she was a slave. Ultima Skylar was an Exotic in the best Brothel in the Capitol. Xawata Faan, her owner, had her trained to be the best in many things. But he also ordered her to keep a secret. Her biggest secret was her magic.
Lord Hightower, The Duke of Vurthas, was Prince Marco’s Godfather, and he came for the funeral with his three sons. The four men vow to find the Assassin. However, the Duke needed Ultima’s help. His son Otto and Ultima had met 12 years prior and had a moment of passion. And Ultima loved him, but Xawata got in the way.

The dying king of Tsestelago asked the Hightowers to find Prince Sore, Marcos’ twin. Prince Soren had been fighting a war up a mountain. The assassin ran loose in the kingdom, trying to kill Ultima and the Royal family. The quest to find the assassin and Soren meant they needed Ultima’s help, but a Slave woman of the night had no choices.
The quest for the Assassin of the Prince regent started, and only one person had the clues.
Will Ultima and Otto find the assassin? Will Ultima let Otto know all her secrets? Is there any way for Otto to get Ultima to learn how to be free?

Message from Omayra Vélez

Ultima Skylar is a stand-alone fantasy romance based in the world of the Book Calixta, the Vanquishers of Alhambra. YOu don't need to read Calixta to understand Ultima Skylar. This book is full of action, intrigue, mystery, and an assassin on the loose.

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