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Guarding His Rose

Lexa Jade

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“The thing about roses is they have thorns. It takes a skilled man to know just where to touch it.” He slid his knuckles down the side of her breast and hip. She resisted the urge to protest when he pulled his hand away and cool air replaced it. “By the time you’re ready, you’re going to be begging for my touch.”

As second son to the Windrose of the West, Alex’s mission is clear; find his mate and convince her to join the Order of the Rose, and fast. The only problem is, he can’t seem to get a read on who his mate is. So he enlists the help of a paranormal matchmaker.

Taylor’s life as a totally human, bad ass bounty hunter of supernatural criminals isn’t glamourous. But it’s all she’s ever wanted in life. So when she collars the man she later finds out is her so-called mate, she isn’t impressed. No matter how many times people tell her they are destined for each other.

When Taylor’s boss assigns Alex to help with the next job, she struggles to fight the pull she has toward the shifter. But when she ends up being the target for the demon they’re hunting, she has no other choice but to let Alex protect her.

Now all Alex has to do is convince her to accept her destiny and become his mate, before it’s too late.

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