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Garnet Christie

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Nothing lasts—and I pray that’s true for Brett Walker.


I heard “nothing lasts” when my father first said it.

I understood “nothing lasts” when my mother died and my dreams of becoming a romance author, also withered away.

Now, I find myself begging that “nothing lasts” with the arrival of the town’s newest arrival, Brett.

Every word out of his foul mouth and every smirk on his handsome but cruel face, ignites contempt. I dish the misery right back at him, and in those few moments of triumph, I relish those gritted teeth, his menacing scowl, and the red glow on his face.

But beneath the swears and biting comments, there’s something we share.

A yearning for something to endure and to hurt those who have wounded us.

However, it may be too late.

Our rough start might override our new fire filled connection, and when he starts to challenge all my beliefs, I might be too scared to give myself over. But if we do work past it all, something unusual may happen––we might fall in love.

Now if he can only make me believe that it will last.

Last is a new adult romance intended for readers 18+
Content warning includes strong, frequent language, mature situations, explicit sexual scenes, mentions of alcoholism, abuse, and suicide.

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