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Dawn in the Shadows

Charlene Perry

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My name is Dawn.

I’m the friendly smile and cheery voice that greets you at the start of your workday. I like people, so it’s a good gig for now.

I’ve been everywhere on this little planet, but I don’t claim any place as home. Soon, I’ll be headed to the stars with nothing but a backpack and limitless potential. Just a few more credits, then I’ll leave this rock behind.

After witnessing a disturbing crime, I react with my heart instead of my brain. It’s a stupid move that lands me in the middle of a far bigger fight… and directly into the sights of the one man I can’t resist.

Tarek needs my help, and spending time with him is an enticing offer. But how much am I willing to risk when everything I’ve wanted is so close?

I’m a Protector. I’ve always been a Protector. Owning that title should make it feel different, but it turns out it’s still the same old shit. I’m tired of fighting a new battle around every turn; putting down the evil just to watch something uglier emerge.

I’m at the end of my patience when a pretty little angel with fire in her eyes crashes into my world. She might be the key to ending this nonsense, if I can convince her to take the risk.

Playing along might catch the bad guys, but when it’s clear they want her for more than her skills, I’m not so sure it’s worth it. I need to stick to the plan. There’s more important things at risk than my own interests. But if he touches her again, I’ll burn it to the ground.

Can Dawn and Tarek play their roles, or will the sparks between them destroy their only chance of exposing a far greater threat?

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