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Opposites Attract at the Bakery: Mouth-Watering Bite-Size MM Romance with Piping Hot Men That Are Sure to Make Your Dough Rise and Leave You Satisfied

CJ Turner

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4.2 Stars
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Jack glanced at his smartwatch as he walked into the cramped office. It read 5:47am.

He was used to being the first one in, but this was no regular office, and the other staff members were already there.

In fact, they’d been working for almost an hour and a half.

He rubbed a hand over his face in a futile effort to feel more awake and tried to keep flour from dusting the legs of his suit pants as he walked down the narrow hallways and past the kitchen to his closet-sized office.

As soon as the profit margins are over fifteen percent, and the franchises are open, I can get the heck out of here, he thought.

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