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Things My Mom Taught Me Notebook

Chikku Publishing

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Mother's Day Notebook Gift

Look for a special gift to show appreciation on this special day?

The simplest gift is the greatest gift when you use it for penning down your thoughts on the great things and sacrifice your mom had given to raise you.

For example:

You can write about the first time your mom brought you to a restaurant.

Your first trip with mom and funny experience...

Your first sad experience, her love showering you...

Your most unforgettable moment your mom made you tear for the first time...

And many more.

Book Details:

-120 pages of high-quality single-lined mother's day personalized page
-Great For Mom To Use As Journal, Notebook or Random Thoughts Book
-6” x 9” Paperback notebook, glossy cover
-Handy size to carry around in handbag or backpack.

Click on The Buy Now button and give appreciation to your mom's love for you.

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