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Torn between her nation and her heart, Princess Alba must decide who to trust before she loses all she holds dear.

After the ruthless Versillion army invades her kingdom of Hunturius, Alba pledges loyalty to the enemy king to protect her four younger sisters. Now, she’s forced to work with Arcadius, the crown prince tasked with looking after her family. The last thing Alba needs is an infuriating prince meddling in her life. Even if his piercing cobalt eyes and quiet strength stir dreams within her, dreams that seem more like memories of a time forgotten.

When her lost brother’s baby, Octavius, is suddenly placed in Alba’s care, fresh danger looms. Someone will stop at nothing to murder her new family member. Alba must discover Tave’s true enemy, while hiding him from Arcadius’ steadfast presence.

But the closer she grows to Arcadius and the more she dreams, the more Alba questions her own judgement. Are her people truly innocent? Could the enemy prince be the hidden ally she’s always needed?

An enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance with twisty political intrigue, heartfelt sibling bonds, and a tall, honorable, and smirking crown prince.

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