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Chinese Big Workbook For Kids 5+

C.P Yu Wen Xue Xi

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Chinese Writing for Kids First 60 Characters For Ages 5+ is for kids ages 5 and more established to work on composing improved Chinese. Fun and a simple exercise manual for children to get familiar with their initial 60 Chinese words. This exercise manual is best utilized for youngsters who are learning Mandarin Chinese.

Embark in a pleasant learning journey with the Chinese characters and learning how to pronounce each word through writing. Each rearranged Chinese character has an image, English interpretation, and Mandarin Chinese pinyin. Incredible for family, self-teach, and Mandarin submersion programs.

Grow early Chinese language aptitudes with pictures to envision characters.

Child inviting matrix design with stroke request charts and dim shading characters to follow. (Tian Zhi Ge)

Step by step stroke practice with the tone guide. Each character's meaning is given to give you and the child a better understanding of the character.

Simple to convey size with enormous lattices and gleaming spread is incredible for kids.

-125 pages

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