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Maid of Honor The Perfect Wedding Planner

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Win your bride maid's heart with this planner. Or if you're going to be a maid of honor, you bet this is the most comprehensive guided help you can get.

The journal is designed to get you an extra pair of hands before the wedding day. The bride should focus on making herself prettiest while the bride maid gives help to you on tasks to be settle before the actual wedding day.

This planner Includes :

Maid of Honor Gift

12 Months Planner Before The Wedding (2021)

Save The Important Dates

2 Weeks Planner Before Wedding Day

(By Day)

Bridal Party Contact List

Bridal Shower Party Planner

Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Wedding Day To-do list

Actual Day Activities And Roles

Writing down special notes and ideas

Wedding Memories & Photographs keeper for after the event

Bestowed as the maid of honor, you need to see ahead of the little stuff to be done and track them down one a time. The important dates, guest contact information, budget, bridal shower preparations, and at the back of the journal you can record down all the beautiful memories and notes.

Get this maid of honor planner and stay on top of things.

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