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Courting Disaster

Kiona Willoughby

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Prince Leon and his alley cat lover, Catra, have been enjoying a quiet relationship for two seasons. But their little world is shaken apart when the king orders the prince to marry a lioness, and Leon soon finds his fiancée to be strikingly beautiful and everything his queen should be.

Matters take a turn for the worse when Catra learns she is pregnant. With Leon's attentions elsewhere, she knows she cannot rely on him to support their children; and neither she nor her brother have the means to do so.

The king's wish to see Leon married by the end of the season coupled with Catra's misery over the engagement and her pregnancy ultimately force Leon to choose between the people he loves most.

"Courting Disaster" is a short furry erotic romance with an additional element of fantasy.

Erotic Romance Short Erotica General Romance

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