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Lie For Me (Part 2)

Teresa Wolf

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4.5 Stars
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I'm a passionate woman. That's all there is to it.

My wildlife sanctuary is my heart, and no one plays with my heart—especially not a billionaire Casanova, real-estate-shark who charms pretty girls for fun. Yea, I called a spade a spade. That's Mark Yannick for you. And hell no, I'm not selling him my grandfather's treasured property. Yea, the bank is snapping at my heels for the money I owe them. Yea, they're about to foreclose. But so what? I'll find a way out that doesn't include taking up a ridiculous offer from a land-hunting celeb playboy. No way I'm getting pulled in by his chiseled abs, broad shoulders, and sturdy yet diabolically gentle arms.

Not over my dead bo—


Perhaps I could consider his offer. Maybe he really is more than what people make him out to be. But good heavens, this is dangerous! And now, I'm as confused as ever. Does Mark only want my land, or does he want me? Maybe that heart-throb, soul-stealing Adonis wants both, I can't say for sure. But one thing's certain; Mark's got charm. And now, I can't help but like him.

It's just a fake relationship. Nothing we feel is real, right?

How do a tree-hugging wildlife photographer and a playboy billionaire get tangled in a steamy web of passion-for-profit?

Simple, they fake it. Or at least in Lie for me, they try.

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