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Under Stone and Shadow

A.E. Bross

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Two months have passed since God-King Hovilan nearly tore Siddam apart trying to purge it of rogue thaumaturgy. Tirzah is once again traversing the wastes of Theia. Free from the gaze of the god-kings, she finds a place for herself among the denizens of the Aru Si caravan. Still considered an outcast, she has at least found some solace and safety among their numbers.

Though the wastes are almost entirely devoid of life, they are not devoid of their secrets. Confronted by the horrors of the desert, Tirzah and her companions are forced underground. There, they find remnants of a past the god-kings have long sought to obliterate from Theia’s history. Armed with this knowledge and escaping the depths of Theia, they must seek refuge in the city of Kahral, where the ruling god-king’s profane intentions threaten the lives of all of the city’s inhabitants.

Content Note: Please be aware that this work contains depictions of abuse, violence, and death/dying, as well as brief descriptions of and alluding to torture.

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