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Attaining Enough Satisfaction: The virtue of understanding the human experience

Paul Phuah

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We all want to attain enough satisfaction. That is, we all want to increase our satisfaction and minimize our suffering to a point where we can relax and just enjoy what is happening in front of us.

However, we do not attain this state automatically. We must first understand key things of the human experience that have causal relationships with our satisfaction and suffering. The more we understand these things and how they can affect us emotionally, the more we tend to be satisfied, and the less we tend to suffer.

This book is about understanding three things of the human experience that affect our satisfaction the most:
• The self
• Other individuals
• Life

These are not things we can ever completely understand, but we can understand them well enough in order to reach the emotional satisfaction we fundamentally desire. Understanding a thing “well enough” involves understanding what specifically about it gives us enough satisfaction in the form of enjoyment, peace, and being emotionally rewarded and fulfilled. This also involves understanding our specific thoughts in response to the thing that cause us to suffer. When we understand these specific thoughts, and find logical errors in them, we eliminate our mental susceptibility to suffer in this way going forward. This is suffering that is completely unnecessary. When we understand the human experience well enough, we eliminate this unnecessary suffering.

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