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Happiness Power: How to Unleash Your Power and Live a More Joyful Life

Robert Gill Jr.

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How to stop chasing happiness and still live happily ever after

Happiness gives us extraordinary power over our lives. Research shows that much of happiness is under our personal control. Learn how to apply and nourish the 50 powers of happiness to live a life of joy and wellbeing.

Do you have everything you need, but still feel like something’s missing?

You may have a life many people dream of, but sometimes, you can’t help but feel some form of discontent.

Despite having one of the highest standards of living in the world, the level of happiness among Americans is at its lowest. In fact, it has been declining for the past 20 years.

Social media, reliance on drugs, and the endless pursuit of wealth are just some of the reasons for this phenomenon. We are constantly bombarded with messages and images of how life should look like, and we try to reach this aspirational goal through any means necessary.

We can chase it through traveling, buying expensive things, achieving career success, or even getting married and starting a family. But why do you still feel unsatisfied, even after you have all this?

What is it that makes us truly happy?

Plenty of scientific research has been done to find the answer to this question. There is also a lot of advice from self-help books and motivational speakers on being happy.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through all the studies and TED talks online to find the key to happiness.

In Happiness Power: How to Unleash Your Power and Live a Joyful Life, you will discover:

Why your present circumstances don’t have to determine your level of happiness, and how you can take your well-being into your own hands
The #1 factor that helps us live longer, healthier, and happier lives, according to a decades-long Harvard study on adult life
How to have a more positive mindset through this daily habit that Oprah Winfrey believes has rewarded her a million times over
How you can combat loneliness with these friendly suggestions on how to build and strengthen your social circle
The secret to happiness that the Japanese have known and practiced for centuries, contributing to their high levels of satisfaction and long life spans. Effortless mindfulness tricks to apply throughout the day that will help you get through stressful days and pessimistic emotions
The simple generous act that has the same positive effects as food and sex, offering satisfaction not only to you, but also to your recipient

And much more.

Although happiness is not the be-all and end-all of life, it sure doesn’t hurt to go through life being happy rather than dissatisfied and lonely.

Our lives weren’t meant to be lived in constant pursuit of an abstract vision of happiness. Chasing after happiness will only make it so much harder to obtain.

It is when you are focused on genuinely living a life of truth, purpose, and meaning, that happiness will come to you.

Find out what it takes to live a life that’s true to your values and your innermost needs.

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