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A Talnarin Novel Boxed Set Books 4-5

D.E. Chapman

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Alanna may have survived her encounter with her past, but it left a mark on her soul, one she doesn’t think will ever get clean.

While her relationship with the talnarins at Craforian has improved, Alanna knows that secrets are still being kept. Unbeknownst to them all, Alanna’s already discovered a couple using a few tricks of her own. And to complicate matters, Alanna is beginning to feel things for Malik; emotions she doesn’t understand.

When Malik brings her through a secret underground maze, Alanna realizes that there is more to Craforian than meets the eye. Only a select few know of the tunnels twisting beneath Craforian and why they're there. Now she’s one of them, and for good reason.

And just when Alanna settles back into a routine, a nefarious plot unravels as an assassin makes himself known.

Can she save the people she loves in time? Or is she once again three steps behind?

**Warning: this series contains profanity, dark themes, sexual tones, and violence. Slow burn romance, kicka** heroine, and enemies to lovers tropes.

A Talnarin Novel Complete Boxed Set Includes:
Broken Pieces
Memories Forged

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