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Have you been in a relationship that ended, but you weren't sure what went wrong? Do you feel there are parts of yourself that you need to hide from others? Enter Innatious-a new psychological tool conceived by Dr. Linda Buscemi that will not only help you understand the truth behind why you think, behave, and choose the things you do, but also offer you a blueprint for making real change in your life. In Innatious: An Innovative Tool to Strengthen Your Emotional IQ and Improve the Quality of Any Relationship, Buscemi shows you how to identify your needs on a deeper level so that you can discover what really drives your actions, beliefs, and emotions. Her method takes you below the surface to find out what unmet-and often unconscious-needs your behaviors are attempting to fulfill. Sometimes, however, the behaviors we choose on an unconscious basis aren't the healthiest ones. When we uncover our Innatious intent, we learn what drives the behavior. That awareness unlocks the possibility of change and allows us to truly fulfill our needs without damaging our relationships-whether with a friend, family member, business partner, or significant other. Buscemi includes a scale she has developed to help you gauge your satisfaction in relationships, and she helps you create healthier boundaries, examine why you choose the people in your life, learn how to live authentically and transparently, improve your communication skills, and more. The end result is a higher emotional IQ that will help you lead a happier, more peaceful and centered life.

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