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Lady Jackie

Quirah Casey

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Some call me Madam, others call me The Devil's Spawn, but you can call me Lady Jackie.
Being Gentleman’s Jack’s daughter has always made my life hard. So when he goes missing, I’m perfectly fine with letting him stay that way.
That changes when the Oliberos Coven appears on the doorstep of the brothel I now claim as mine. Beating down lowlifes looking for "Gentleman Jack" was one thing, but having the most dangerous vampire breathing down my neck is another.
Now if I want my five new stalkers out of my life, I have no choice but to find Daddy Dearest. But I don’t anticipate the new threats that lurk on Bourbon street or the way they force me to have to work with the Oliberos Coven.
And I certainly don't anticipate the dangerous attraction that ensues...

This is the first book in a dark, medium burn reverse harem series which will feature m/f, m/m, f/f, and everything in between. If you don't like chaotic, brothel owning vampire heroines with daddy issues this book may not be for you.

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