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When the world falls in disarray at the hands of a deadly virus approaching the release of new Smart Camera device, implemented by Governments around the world, William Thorn starts noticing a pattern. Now, spending his life as a Professor in Surveillance at a University, William past comes back to him when the patterns unfurl. This system, after all, was the reason he left the C.I.A. The government treated these projects as underground operations that had no tie to the real world. Moving a sickness in and around wherever it was needed, covering up the fact that they were installing high tech surveillance equipment that monitored the population. And now? They were bringing it to the U.S soil. But William Thorn is only one man with a history of non-compliance. If he tries to throw his weight around, they’ll get rid of him like they had so many people before. With the help of an old army buddy, Rex Carter, William must navigate the empty streets amidst the infected, trying to figure out what the end goal is.

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