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The Thirteenth Circle

Chaz Allen

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Chaz Allen’s The Thirteenth Circle is a debut which explores man’s relationship with faith, temptation and possessing a sense of self. Through a combination of poems, drawings and autobiographical excerpts. Allen tells his story in the hope others can relate and find solace.

The poems within, often tied to metaphor, allegory, and abstraction, invite the reader to reach far past the surface. The themes explored include Faith and Spirituality, Love, Depression and Mental Health, as well as Growth and Evolution. The Thirteenth Circle includes content and imagery that some readers may not find suitable. Images depicted are original works that some may find violent and/or dark in nature.

The Thirteenth Circle also explores mature themes that include but are not limited to Abortion and Drug use. Presented in a journalistic and confessional manner, the collection aims to walk readers through the written journey alongside the author. Its intent is to invoke thought and contemplation amongst its readers.

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