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Wedding Planning for Spoonies

Meara Bartlett

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Engaged with a mobility aid? An excited chronic pain sufferer on the road to wedded bliss?

Wedding Planning for Spoonies helps disabled couples have their dream wedding day exactly as they want, tailored to their needs. It’s a comprehensive wedding planner written from the perspective of a disabled bride who has been there, along with other disabled couples’ information to achieve the enchanting, once in a lifetime day you desire.


Research from disabled couples’ perspectives for vendors to better cater to their clientele
A peer who understands family politics in the context of disability and weddings
Templates, schedules, budgeting tools, and timelines centered around your needs

Everything you need to know —finding the right venue for a wheelchair user, the right dress for someone with chronic pain, approaching your vendors to get what you want in the spectacular wedding you want —Wedding Planning for Spoonies has the answer.

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