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Eyes Wide Shut

Chatiela Underwood

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5.0 Stars
From 5 Reviews

Eyes Wide Shut is a provocative story full of hope, betrayal, deceit, and living double lives. It brings about awareness to people living with post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness, abuse, aids, and domestic violence. It exposes what happens behind closed doors when a soldier returned home with mental disorders as a result of the war.

Feeling like a hopeless romantic Storm decides to throw in the relationship towel until one night her friend’s conveniences her to step out for a night out on the town. She meets Carter the man of her dreams a charming military man who swept her off her feet and forever changed her life. They fail head over heels for each other. Life was going well until Carter deploys overseas to war and returns a changed man.

This compelling read is based upon a true story, serving as an inspirational tool, an emotional thriller, that will keep you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The story of a women’s astonishing life is a tear-jerking reality, filled with secrets of a dysfunctional family, loss, love, and an emotional page-turner. Will Carter get through this life-changing mental health crisis or will it lead him to his demise?


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