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Maks Volkov is a cunning, manipulative, powerhouse. He has taken the crime world by storm with every risky decision he’s ever made. Those who say they aren’t afraid of him, want to be him.
Maks has set his sights on a prestigious weapons collection that is owned by a rival crime boss, Mr. Kiselev. The Kiselev Family have been trying to undermine Maks’ weapon trading business for years, but this is the first time that Maks is taking them seriously...
Maks wants to take the one thing away from Mr. Kiselev that he cares about more than anything in the world, and he’s hatched a plan to get the job done. He kidnaps Mr. Kiselev’s daughter, holding her hostage until Mr. Kiselev gives him what he wants...

Maks could’ve never prepared himself for what happened next, realizing that Mr. Kiselev was much more of a threat than he realized. He tried to keep his distance from Klara, telling her that the only way she’d ever be free is if Mr. Kiselev cooperates, but he never would’ve imagined that he’d fall for her...

Maks and Klara begin to uncover the true mystery behind the Kiselev Family, and the deeper into it they get, Klara realizes that she had been lied to her entire life by the people that were supposed to love her the most.

Will Maks Volkov finally obtain his prized possessions or will he give up all hope to save the woman that has changed his life for good?

Contemporary Romance Dark Romance Action & Adventure Romance

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