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The Stars: A Contemporary Sports Romance

Alexia Chase

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4.6 Stars
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Can two star-crossed lovers find their way to a happily ever after?
Felicity Hudson has come to town to visit her best friend, Autumn. She was in love with Autumn’s brother until he dropped her four years ago after the most amazing night under the stars.
Gage Slater was annihilated when Autumn announced Felicity was dating someone. In anger, he told Felicity their time together meant nothing to him.
What if there wasn’t another guy, and they’ve both been devastated for no reason?
Why did Autumn interfere?
When they’re forced to spend time together, can they open their wounds and heal from their past?
Or will more misunderstandings keep them apart?
You must read to find out.

A loyal football player is on the field, and he’s carrying an ENORMOUS blade.

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?
Then, click “buy” now! Because you don’t want to miss out.
This novel is a standalone book. You don’t have to read another of my books to get all the feels.
What tropes are your favorite? This book includes: second chances, enemies-to-lovers, sports romance, rom-com vibe, a loyal swoon-worthy football player, a sweet and sassy heroine, family and friend shenanigans, and a couple of misunderstandings that just might rip everyone’s hearts out – yours included.
What more could you want?
No cheating. No cliffhanger. And a guaranteed happy ever after.
Can’t get enough? Check out:
The Bet (Chloe and Rich’s story),
The Contract (Jenna and Tony’s story),
The Game (Dani and Gunner),
The Secret (Ashley and Dillon),
The Defender (Veronica and Devin), &
The Lie (Autumn and Jeremiah), which contain companion characters to those in this novel.

My name is Alexia Chase.
I specialize in quick, dirty, and sweet short stories and novellas. I write for busy working mothers who admire and acquire books that provide the full escape of a novel but don’t have a lot of time.
More importantly, I offer insta-love, smutty sex, and swoon-worthy moments that will leave you with a flushed face and a giddy smile. Quick – pray no one is watching and wondering what in the hell is wrong with you because no one else looks that happy.
People who have read my books have the following to say:
“This insta-love story is extremely funny, a quick read and just filled with so much good and filthy stuff. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone that likes Alexia Chase or is just thinking about picking one of her books up for the first time. Just make sure you are reading this where you can laugh out loud and get a crimson face when you read the erotic sex scenes.” LF Books
“This was a great read with characters that are well developed and engaging and have chemistry. The storyline is well written and flows smoothly from page to page.” Elvira
My writing gives busy women that sixty-minute escape they need when they can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean with their secret lover, Dimitri.
My Soul Sisters don’t even have time to get away from the kids to take a shower.

Quick. Dirty. Sweet.
Alexia Chase

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance Romantic Comedy

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