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Stolen: A SciFi Romance

Athena Storm

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4.8 Stars
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I am the greatest Vakutan warrior!
My goal is to defend the planet Earth.
It is NOT to mate with human women.
Netflix and chill?
More like…Netflix and kill…

Duty and honor compel me to defend this blue planet.
It’s a tough job.
So naturally it attracts its share of admirers.
Up till now, I’ve been able to ignore them.
That is until I met Taylor.

Her smile sets off a supernova inside of me.
Her penchant to cavort on the beach in scraps of fabric inflame my passions.
But the best part about her?
When she nestles her tiny human form against my large, muscled physique.
She coos. Smiles. And looks up at me with those beautiful eyes.
So filled with love.
So enraptured and in wonder.

I realize that I’ll do more than protect her and her planet from those that seek to destroy it.

I’ll burn the sun and stars to protect our love.

Sci-fi Romance Paranormal Romance

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