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Life's A Witch

Corrine Winters

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4.8 Stars
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Life in the big city means dating, fancy parties, career goals—and if you’re Blair Barrows, a murder mystery to solve.

Fortunately, Blair’s got an edge over other amateur sleuths; she’s a bonafide witch with talents that are truly shocking—literally. As if navigating life as a hot young single in New York City weren’t enough, Blair must contend with supernatural creatures, mobsters, ghosts, and one perpetually snarky and habitually mouthy feline familiar.

With all that, solving the murder of a prominent socialite seems like a walk in Central Park.

The clues are scattered, the witnesses tight lipped, and suspects abound but Blair is determined to unravel the mystery and catch the culprit. She’ll need the help of a wolf-shifter Detective, her journalist pals, and the entity who insists he is the Spirit of Disco to save the day.

All this while trying to find Mr. Right—is it the Billionaire playboy from her past, or someone much closer? It’s enough to make you throw up your hands and say…

Life’s a Witch.

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