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Secret Magic: Renfurt Academy of Magic Year Two

Ava Dune

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When a murder is committed at Renfurt, everything falls apart.

Time stops for me.


When my second year at Renfurt starts, I’m thinking I’ll only have a few things to worry about: Keep the Onyx Order away from the protection spell, find my father, learn the craft better, and focus on this thing between Finn Braegon and me.

Turns out, there is much more…

Weird things have been happening at Renfurt Academy of Magic, and I know it’s about time.

Ingredients go missing, a quirky professor has traveled from the 19th century to be in our timeline, a murder is committed, and time stops, only for me.

On top of all of that, Thea Bellarde is hunting dragons, gathering power in secret. Guess what? Now, it’s personal.

I have to figure out how all of this is connected while trying to survive my second year at Renfurt Academy of Magic.

So? Bring it on.

Secret Magic is the second book in a fast-paced urban fantasy series with a tough heroine, a swoon-worthy hero, and magical twists that’ll keep you turning pages.

Teen and Young Adult Fantasy Romance New Adult Romance

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