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Mistletoe and Misfortune

Sue Hollowell

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5.0 Stars
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The hotel grand re-opening, a long-awaited family reunion, and a meddling matchmaking mother...

Fourth in the Treehouse Hotel Mysteries series!

Epic plans are underway to celebrate the hotel’s glorious expansion. But the untimely death of a pompous chef right in the middle of the preparations might be what closes down the hotel for good. Ben’s award-winning restaurant and food are legendary, but not as much as his arrogance and unscrupulous dealings.

As Chloe and Max work to salvage the event, they discover secrets about the chef that will crack the case wide open. When Ben’s wife takes the helm of the business with suspiciously no remorse for his death, she jumps to the top of the list of suspects.

The shocking clues that come to light will entangle Chloe’s family, her mother’s livelihood, and culminate with a bombshell that will leave everyone dumbfounded. Can Chloe and Max connect the dots in this culinary conundrum before the hotel doors are shuttered forever?

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