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The Vintage Baker: Vintage Desserts with a Twist!

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The anthology (collection) of recipes included in this book were designed to achieve three goals: One: they had to be made from scratch. Two: they had to be made with all-natural ingredients and three: they had to have a “twist” making them a little different from popular vintage dessert recipes that you may have tried. It was “our desire to “kick them up a notch” so to speak and offer variety to our readers.

As an added bonus, we have included the author’s notes about their recipe, when applicable, and comments from Dough-Punchers™, or folks who have made these recipes with success. We have also included a little history in some cases that we found fascinating; we hope you do, too. Nutritional information is included when available. And, as with all our books, we have edited the recipes so that they’re easier to follow and we have developed a different format, which we think is more conducive to your baking success—with the probability of fewer errors.

When researching this anthology, we looked for vintage desserts that were classic, but intriguing and a little off the beaten path. Some are fairly easy to make (although some are complex). It’s easy to find recipes online for lemon meringue pie, for example, but not with the added “twist” of ginger. Our Black Forest Cake comes from the recipe of a German clockmaker. But no matter how classic the dessert, the ones that we have included will whet your taste buds and excite your sense of adventure. They are special!

As far as time? Some of these desserts can be made in a jiffy, while others may take significantly longer. But they are all made-from-scratch and feature natural ingredients (no margarine, for example).

We hope that you enjoy making these unique, vintage desserts with a “twist”!


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