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The Sugar Merchant

James Hutson-Wiley

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5.0 Stars
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The Sugar Merchant follows the adventures of scholar and merchant Thomas Woodward.A twist of fate and a tragic childhood loss leads to him being adopted by a group of monks from a nearby abbey. It is there he meets the people who will ultimately play a role in shaping his future...

...The tumultuous history of early Europe, as well as the Middle East, served as a backdrop for the protagonist's journey. The author's vivid deions were evocative of the sights, sounds, and sensations of that era. There was also a careful and painstaking attention to even the most minute of details that added to the authentic feel of the book...

...A full cast of characters, an intrepid hero, and an exciting plot were placed in the hands of a truly skilled author for the enjoyment of fans of historical fiction. Combining action and adventure with bursts of humor and humanity, this novel truly showcases the genre at its best.

Historical Fiction

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