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Lakehouse Beginnings (Sisters of Snow Pines Part 1)

Sage Parker

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5.0 Stars
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Three sisters. Worlds apart. Reunited by death and an old lakehouse.

The Haven sisters, Elizabeth, Tabitha and Beth, are devastated when their father suddenly passes - filled with sadness and guilt, they receive a heartfelt letter and learn of his one last wish.

He wants all three of them to move back to the old family lakehouse in Snow Pines, New Hampshire to reunite as sisters. This means completely giving up their current lives and facing old family demons.

Returning back to the lakehouse brings many surprises - including the realization that it’s falling apart. The sister’s are immediately introduced to rusted pipes, broken windows, peeling paint, creaky floors, and a bathtub with a mushroom growing in it. As if that’s not enough, the constant reminders and pain of their father stabs their broken hearts.

When it seems that all the pain, anguish and anxiety become too much to bear, a dangerous swim in the deep rain-battered lake may finally bring answers the girl’s are looking for - including three mysterious men, who are no stranger to the healing process themselves.

Can the three sisters manage to heal their hearts, their relationships, and somehow find love once again, or will they drown in deep, miserable tears that never heal?

This is a sweet & clean standalone novella.

Contemporary Romance Christian Fiction Inspirational Romance

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