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Our Thing

Nicci Harris

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She's a good girl with the whole world at her feet.
He's a bad boy with his foot on the world.

My best friend calls it a kind of infatuation. Of obsession. There is always one name playing on my lips. . . Max Butcher.
The notorious bad boy of The District.
An unapologetic menace.
Hot to point of physical discomfort.
Dangerous. . .
So he finds me infuriating and wants to keep me out of his business and both away from him and other men. He wants to protect my body - protect my innocence. But not even Max Butcher can stick to his guns.
And the further into his world I'm lead, the more danger gathers. . .

⚠Trigger WARNING: The Kids of The District explores the lives of the sons and daughters of the Sicilian Mafia in Australia. You will follow these young adults as they navigate the dangerous world they were born or fell into.

Cosa Nostra is how the Sicilian Mafia refer to themselves - loosely translates into Our Thing. OUR THING is book two; however, can be read without book one! If you don't like violence or streamy scenes, then this isn’t the read for you! LOTS of streamy scenes. Dark moments. I expect nail biting, teeth chattering, sobs bursting and swooning awws.

Dark Romance Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance

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