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Bear's Touch: Edenglow Magic

Lola Gabriel

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4.1 Stars
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I was kidnapped, and now my life has changed forever.

Relocating across the country was supposed to be a fresh start.
I could have never predicted the turn of events.
After twelve hours of driving, I just wanted to get a hotel room for the night.
I had no idea I had wandered into bear shifter territory.

They see me as a threat because of my magic.
I’m being forced to meet their Alpha and plead my case.
My captor awakens something inside me that I never knew existed.
He feels it, too, but we both know it could never work.

Then, the situation gets worse.
A half-breed baby is growing inside of me.
Can my captor become my protector?

Author’s note: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.

Paranormal Romance Contemporary Romance Fantasy Romance

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