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Danakil Rumbutto

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“If winning is wrong, I don’t want to be right—but I am right—FOUR MORE YEARS OF HUMP!” – Donal Hump, 45th President

You can’t trump Hump!

Support Donal Hump, the greatest president in the history of his country—and possibly any country that’s ever existed—as he fights for YOU and THE WORLD, with every tight-chested toddle he can muster.

Set in a universe which utilizes such outrageous fiction—perhaps the most outrageous we’ve ever seen—it wi—might even be the most outrageous in history—it will stretch your imagination to its term limits and beyond.

President Hump is airlifted to hospital to deal with a mild case of deadly China plague. No problem for such a physical specimen, but while the fat’s away the Vice will play…

Humped is intended for a mature audience. This story contains scathing political satire and explicit sexual content not suitable for those under 18.

Humor Literary Fiction

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