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Hunter's Royal Taming: A Lost Love Secret Romance

Lisa Daniels

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4.8 Stars
From 4 Reviews

I’m different. I know I'm different because of my royal bloodline.

Betrayed by my brothers, I’m still bound to my kingdom.

Betrayed by my magical lover, I have a secret burden to bear.

The last thing I wanted was to deal with was Oliver –

The person responsible for my current torment.

Having been captured by him during a heist,
I'm now little more than his prisoner.

The last time I saw him, I thought he would become my mate.

Nearly a decade later, and that primal attraction is still there.

I would never call him my lost love.
More like the secret romance that never was .

I know that he can never be mine now –

Especially after learning he’s a rare shifter –

I could accept that I’m cursed to nurse a broken heart,

But fate appears to demand still more from me.

Paranormal Romance Fantasy Romance General Romance

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