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The Dragon's Healing Touch

Sadie Sears

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4.0 Stars
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A hundred years ago a woman tore my heart out.

I haven’t risked it since.

Faking things with Gretta should be simple fun. Scaring off her evil ex is a bonus.
She makes the fire deep inside of me rage with desire and I need to make things real.

Will she accept me if I tell her I’m a dragon shifter?
Hell, I don’t even know if she’ll believe me.

Wizards have come to town and they’re up to no good. Why do they want Gretta?
It doesn’t matter. I’ll keep her safe.
My heart is ready to heal, and my inner dragon is sure of one thing: she’s my fated mate.

Dragons for Hire is a paranormal romance series where the dragons are smoking hot and ready to claim their mates. Samuel will need to convince his mate their fake relationship is real if she’s going to be his.

Paranormal Romance Fantasy Romance

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