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Rhiley McCabe

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Sword and Lead
When the brutally murdered body of a man is discovered, Memphis detective Nathaniel Joy is drawn back into the cold case that’s defined his career. The killer of the Memphis Four has struck again, and this time Detective Joy is determined not to let them get away…

But the further he delves into the case, the stranger it becomes. Who exactly is the mysterious Verity Anne Jones, and what is the connection of this apparently meek young woman to these brutal crimes?

Solving this mystery before the killer strikes again is going to take all of Detective Joy’s skill. And until he does, not even his own family is safe…

Lead or Lipstick
With Angel Stuart dead, the killer of the Memphis Four has apparently been identified. But for Detective Nathaniel Joy, something about the conclusion of the case just doesn’t add up…

As for Verity, the gaps in her memory have become a source of terror that she has to confront. No matter how frightened she is, she’s determined to discover the truth about herself.

When the families of the Memphis Four report their homes are being broken into, it becomes clear to Detective Joy that the killer is still at large. Both Verity and Detective Joy are looking for answers, but the questions they’re asking are potentially deadly…

The Valedictorian
Who would want to kill Jennifer Jones?

Friendly and talented, Jennifer seems to have a bright future ahead of her. But when she’s found brutally murdered in her room, the clues seem to lead nowhere.

Detective Harry Rogers of the New York Police Department’s Fifth District has a reputation as the best in the business, but even his abilities will be tested to the limits by the case of the valedictorian…

The Orphan
Following Catherine Underwood’s arrest for the murder of Jennifer James, it seems like the prosecution has been handed an open-and-shut case.

But for Detective Harry Rogers, the trail hasn’t come to an end. A chance tip-off leads to new evidence that will throw the whole case into doubt.

Everyone has something to hide

Double or Nothing
New York: Detective Harry Rogers is coming under pressure from his family to leave the police force. But when a successful young businessman is found dead in his study, Harry is drawn into the case. It looks like suicide, but Harry has his suspicions…

Meanwhile, in Memphis, Detective Nathaniel Joy Jones and his partner Detective Peyton are called to the home of a young model who has been found murdered. Everything at the scene suggests a random, tragic event.

But when it becomes clear that these two cases have more in common than it first appears, Detectives Rogers and Jones will have to work as a team to solve them.

General Thrillers General Mysteries General Suspense

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