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Her Immortal Guardian

Mara Dane

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Can she break a mummy's curse without letting him break her heart? Small-town geek girl Viv didn't mean to awaken a sexy immortal. Cursed temple-guardian Khen didn't plan to fall for a mortal. Whether it's fate or a mistake, can they stop an ancient evil from ending the world?

When she stumbles across a stone cat statue, Viv accidentally summons Khensuhotep, a cursed temple guardian from ancient Egypt who insists she’s a priestess of Bast, fated to avert the apocalypse.

He just wants to protect her, along with the sleepy college town of New Memphis, Indiana from an evil ancient god of chaos. Too bad Viv is done letting other people decide her fate.

She just wants to hide him from her family and friends until she can put him back where he belongs. Unfortunately, he seems way more interested in getting her in the sack than in getting back in the sarcophagus.

When digging into a local mystery puts them both in danger, can Viv trust her heart? Or will Khen lose a woman you only meet once in a hundred lifetimes?

Paranormal Romance Contemporary Romance Action & Adventure Romance

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