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The Son Of The Billionnaire

Amelia Reed

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2.5 Stars
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Katia's job as an temp secretary in a Manhattan building is far from being her dream job, but it does help pay her exorbitant rent in New York City...
The most exciting part of her day? Walking through the offices of the advertising creatives. Her boss is so handsome that she blushes almost every day when their eyes meet. Her life is turned upside down when she lets herself be seduced by a handsome stranger she knows nothing about.
By giving in without any opposition to this man whose name she barely knows, Katia soon discovers that he is none other than Anthony Meyer, the son of billionaire, John Meyer, the owner of the building, the company, and her time!
Anthony offers her a very special contract: to be his personal assistant and obedient mistress whenever he decides, even in the middle of the work day!
Will Katia accept such a contract, even though several clues lead her to believe that Anthony has a lot to hide?
Will she fall into a trap that could turn out deadly?

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance New Adult Romance

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