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#3 in Wanda Amard’s With the Bad Boy series.
The exciting conclusion to the With the Bad Boy series!

The year is almost over, but Vinn doesn’t want to start the next one like he did the last. He’s willing to make big changes to keep Kimber happy as long as she agrees. Change is coming to Fabulous Acres and there’s no point in fighting it.

Between the drama, betrayal, and outside forces pushing them apart can they find the heat and passion which brought them together? Will Kimber’s love and Vinn’s determination be enough to get them out of this alive?
These two are jumping full speed ahead to a future they can only imagine. Will it be the one they want?

This series was originally published as a serial series. Leaving includes the second five books; Birthday, Leaving, Fighting, Peace, and Proposal.
The finished series can now be read in the following books
#1 – Encounter
#2 – Leaving
#3 – Forever

New Adult Romance Contemporary Romance General Romance

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