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When Dee and her wife Lana visit Omaha, they expect all the drama to come from their visit to Lana's ex. And it does ... sort of. The ex's girlfriend is sick, his car won't start, and all circuits are busy, so Dee and Lana volunteer to take them to the hospital. It isn't until they're halfway there that they realize something is horribly wrong. Not just with the girlfriend, who dies and inexplicably comes back to life, but with the city. Maybe even the world.

Dee and Lana been together through thick and thin, but this might just be the worse thing they’ve ever faced. There’s 1658 miles between them and their teenage sons, left home in Seattle with Dee’s aging parents. The two women will do anything to get back to them, even trek across a country teeming with the living dead.

They refuse to let the apocalypse break them … but the dead might have other plans.

**This is a standalone horror novel

General Horror LGBT

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