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Repulsively Fun Awesomely Gross Activity Book

Global Peach

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5.0 Stars
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Disgustingly entertaining! Over 100 puzzles with gross themes and stinky facts throughout. They'll love the puzzles. You'll love that puzzles improve their brain and thinking processes!
Perfect for kids ages 8 and older.

Word Searches (gross movies, fart names, gross jellybean flavors, bugs in food... )
Mazes (all with a gross but fun fact)
Quizzes and Matching (Stinky animal defenses, phobia names, disgusting foods..)
Double Puzzles (animals that live without heads..)
Find the Difference (each themed with gross info..)
Fallen Jokes (all hilariously disgusting)
Cryptogram (decipher the answer to the gross joke question)
And More!!
Perfect for vacation, traveling, in the car, or relaxing at home kids will be entertained and challenged!

Middle Grade

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