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Emily's Adventure

Susan Bella Ikin

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I had only been asleep for a while, when I was woken by a loud screeching noise, and then a bang. I leapt from the bed, then almost fell over at the pain that shot through my injured ankle. “Not clever, Emily”, I chided myself, then threw on a robe, picked up my torch and crutches, and hobbled to the front door to see what the noise was. I was confronted by the sight of a crumpled car at the front of the house, it had run into a very large old tree, that seemed to have withstood the impact with only some shredded bark. I hobbled over to the car as quickly as I could in the driving rain, and quickly ascertained that there was only one person in the car, a male, and he seemed to be in and out of consciousness.
It was at this point I thought that maybe I had been a bit hasty in deciding to stay in this remote house by myself. I had only arrived the day before, and all had started out quite mundanely.

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