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The Fallen Lady

Delaney Jane

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Life at Pemberley is far more exciting than even Elizabeth could've imagined. With a husband like Fitzwilliam Darcy, every pleasure and fantasy is open to exploration.

Yet, when word arrives from London that her dear sister, Mary Bennet, has been arrested for murder, Elizabeth must enter a whole new world of debauchery by becoming a member - and devotee - of the exclusive Roslindale Club.

The Roslindale, a highly secret association for England's wealthiest, offers an array of lustful opportunities, each more scandalous than the next. Elizabeth must discover how far she is willing to go to fit in with her new, depraved peers, all the while knowing the true killer might well be moving among them.

Can Elizabeth clear her sister's name in time or will the wondrous depravity of the Roslindale destroy her, too?

Erotic Romance Historical Romance General Mysteries

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