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Here Comes Trouble: Rob & Sabrina’s Story

Selena Kitt

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4.8 Stars
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Yeah, okay, I admit it. I’ve got a thing for “Trouble’s” lead singer, Rob Burns. Can’t a girl have wicked fantasies about a rock star in the privacy of her own head?

My best friend, Katie, has gotten us front row seats, but we’re late for the concert, and just my luck, I run right into my favorite rock star, literally—bam!—just outside the venue. Rob’s so sweet about it, though, he even invites us backstage!

That’s when things get interesting. Not only does Rob ask me to join him after the concert, he invites me out for a night on the town. Me, Sabrina Taylor, just an average, midwestern, elementary school teacher. Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming…

Because Rob Burns is holding my hand, smiling my way, and I’ve got to decide if I’m ready to make my naughty dreams come true with a very real, flesh and blood rock star…

Erotic Romance New Adult Romance Contemporary Romance

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