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Seductive Seas: Level Up & Man Up

Calico Jack

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Swashbuckling Harem Adventures

That's the aim of Seductive Seas. Deetz knows his team has built a great game, and is ready for the big release of this MMORPG.

It is also changing his life, as he falls for the beautiful NPC Zetta who is as good with handling her own sword in a fight as she is with handling his in bed. Of course, Deetz has also finally gotten the nerve to ask his boss, the steely-eyed, no-nonsense Carly out on a coffee date. The two women could not be more different -- to say nothing of that fact that one is real and one is merely an NPC in a game.

But there's something amiss in The Seductive Seas. Characters aren't behaving as they should, and Deetz is determined to find out why before the upcoming launch floods thousands of players into this world of his own making.

Book 2 of Seductive Seas LitRPG Series

General Action & Adventure General Erotica General Fantasy

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