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Illicit Games

Anjalee Scott

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4.0 Stars
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It’s hard to keep a good agent down. FBI agent Amelia Ryer is back for more action, more thrills, more danger, and she’s doing it all in Sin City. Undercover as Lexi Rose this time, she is prepared to continue her vendetta against La Cosa Nostra, but she’ll be doing it with the help of Eric Langford—the Special Agent in Charge and her former lover.
***Lexi Rose is unrelenting, unrivaled, stunning, suave, fearless, sexy, cunning—and she has the conviction that she will always get what she wants, including men. “I’m a one-woman wrecking ball, and I started this solo. I don’t mind finishing it that way either.”
***Eric Langford is cautious and concerned, and he’s trying to protect the one thing he loves—her. Can he stand by and watch while she puts everything on the line, or will he get in the way while trying to protect her?
*This is an erotic tale with graphic sexual encounters.

Erotic Romance Romantic Suspense General Action & Adventure

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