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Griffins Park: The Beginning

Scerina Elizabeth

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Griffins Park, Illinois was once a peaceful flourishing new city on the verge of success when two vampire brothers come into town and slowly but surely take over. Little by little the two brothers began turning each person they came across into vampires, starting with the most wealthiest and the most influential individuals. Soon this new peaceful city was becoming a city of crime and brutality.

Victoria Castle is sent to Griffins Park to investigate the whereabouts of her missing younger sister, Kamlyn Castle. With the help of Detective John Sanderson, she learns that not everything is as it seems in Griffins Park. Sometimes the real monsters lurk in plain sight in the dark shadows of the city and sometimes the ones who you suspect is a monster is not the real monster indeed. Looks can often be deceiving in the city of Griffins Park.

Griffins Park is the first installment of a new paranormal series called "Griffins Park".

General Suspense General Thrillers Dark Erotica

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