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Deserving Better

Chanda Riddick

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Misha Thomas never forgot her first love. Confused about why it had to end at all, she falls into bed with as many women as she can, looking for that special something that she can’t seem to recreate. She commits to the idea of being herself, even if it means experiencing more breakups than she can keep track of. Even if it means her heart never feels whole again as she seeks out the elusive “better” that she was told she deserves.

Val Bullard never stopped believing that Misha deserved better. But even as she resigns herself to the life that she deserves as a stay-at-home mom with a husband and a peaceful life back in her hometown, her thoughts continue to travel back to the time she spent with Misha. Val confides in her daughter, whose brown eyes remind her of Misha every time their eyes meet.

This parallel story follows the lives of Val and Misha as they search for the better life that they want for themselves and the ones they love.

LGBT Dark Romance LGBT Romance

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