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Unchained: Spiritually Smart Ways to Eliminate Anxiety, Find Peace, and Live Free for God

Zach Ribble

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Fearful Mistakes All Christians Need to Avoid

Did you know that only 36.9% of people suffering with anxiety disorders receive treatment, yet it is highly treatable? Here's the problem you run into: in our world, anxiety is skyrocketing every day and many don't know where to turn or won't seek help.

This means you may struggle with mental pitfalls that hinder your success in life, stop you from pursuing your dreams, or develop a stronger relationship with God. You may not know where to start for healing, how to stop the "What If" or "I Can't Do This Anymore" mindset, or how to quiet the never-ending destructive thoughts.

Fortunately for you, the solution is here now - Unchained: Spiritually Smart Ways to Eliminate Anxiety, Find Peace, and Live Free for God. This new book shows you biblical truths applicable to your life that will stay with you in order to destroy anxiety.

You will discover the following:
It shows you immediately where to always direct your attention so you can stop suffering, which means you will start healing and finding peace with God. (Page 4)
The book teaches you how to naturally release negative thoughts so you can start getting your mind back on track, which allows you to breathe easier. (Page 16)
It tells you how to escape the unnecessary burdens chaining you down in life so you can stop falling for lies from the enemy, which means Jesus Christ becomes the cornerstone of your life. (Page 24)
The book illustrates a trait Jesus embodied so you can persevere, which helps you trust more in the Lord and conquer any fears or uncertainties in life. (Page 34)
It shows you how consistently concentrating on appreciation and praise changes you so your spirit can become more radiant, which means you will shine brightly to the world in Jesus' name. (Page 43)
The book explains how you can begin transforming your mindset so you align with God's will for your life, which means you will have a renewed sense of purpose. (Page 50)
It teaches you how to be humble so you show God's grace in the midst of chaos, which will allow you to lean into the Lord instead of caving into fear. (Page 58)
The book tells you how to avoid falling for lies so you can eliminate anxiety, which means you will take back ownership of your mind and conquer fear. (Page 68)
It shows you how to channel a calmer mindset so you can be more prepared when challenging situations occur, which means you will extinguish any fires in your life much easier. (Page 78)
The book explains how to put your hope and faith in the Lord so you won't be nearly as scared facing uncertainties in life, which allows you to gain spiritual wisdom to be a blessing to others. (Page 83)
It teaches you ways to develop such a deep passion for the Lord so you can end the prison-like mindset, which means you can thrive loving on others and spreading the Good News of the Gospel. (Page 89)

This proven anxiety-eliminating method is based on Ribble's true story of redemption from hitting rock bottom to thriving based on God's biblical truths. This book will help change your life for the better by eliminating your anxiety, finding peace, and living God’s will for your life. Buy it now today!

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